Since 2009, Singular Media & Content is responsible for the organization and planning of the international formation travels of the São Paulo Media Group (“Grupo de Mídia de São Paulo”, GMSP). Once we receive from GM the destination of the trips, we organize the content, schedule the visits and make the contacts that are necessary to insure an enriching experience. This organization includes the setting of the places for the seminars, the checking of the reception infrastructure, buying the air tickets and reserving the accommodations. In the last editions, we have involved about almost one hundred professionals to make possible each experience. Media professionals, professionals from sponsoring media vehicles and support team are amongst these people. We count on the great partnership of Century Travel. Between the visited cities so far, we have Tokyo (twice), Silicon Valley region (USA), Los Angeles, London, Boston, Berlin, New York (twice), Scandinavia (Oslo & Stockholm) and Paris.

The next destination should be in New York, on the second half of 2020.