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Singular is a consulting company expert on Media & Content. We have a multidisciplinary profile and a team that is composed of young and experienced professionals. We offer simple and innovative solutions, associated with results and creativity. Founded in 1996, Singular delivers to its clients, the vision of the professionals who often bought and sold media, created programming, bought communication channels and produced cultural and market events.

<span style="color: #1c4672; font-size: 20px">Geraldo Leite</span>

Geraldo Leite

From Rio de Janeiro. Worked at the Ad Agencies: Salles Interamericana e Lintas. Directed Eldorado, Editora Globo, TV Gazeta and Jornal do Brasil Radio System. Produced and presented radio shows in Bandeirantes FM, Cultura FM, Eldorado AM and FM, Jornal do Brasil AM e FM and USP FM. One of the founders of Rumo (musical group).
Created, in 1996, Singular, Media´s Architecture, building successful cases, like Nova Eldorado AM, Crescer and Marie Claire magazines, Central de Rádio, “the fair price policy” at Editora Globo and the São Paulo International Film Festival on TV. Created Prêmio de Mídia Estadão (Estadão Media Prize), Mídia Fatos on Pay TV, the “Banhos de Jornal” from ANJ, PMV – Vehicle’s Marketing Panel, and ABOOH. Since 1998 has been directing the international São Paulo’s Media Group trips. Nominated individually three times to the Caboré Prize and once as Singular Company. Granted in 2011 by APP with “Professional Contribution Prize”. Recently launched two poetry books: “Soltar os Bichos” e Vício Novo”. He is also a big supporter of Santos soccer team.

<span style="color: #1c4672; font-size: 20px;">Beth Carmona</span>

Beth Carmona

Consultant, producer, manager of audiovisual and transmedia projects for children and youth. Bachelor by ECA / USP with specializations concluded in and out of Brazil. Involved for more than 30 years with the theme of Quality in media. Beth produces and participates actively in initiatives in the areas of project development, audiovisual creation and production for children and Youth. Works for brands, institutions and channels, such as Marisol, Gloob, TV Cultura, TV Escola, Fox and Nat Geo, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Pakapaka, and NHK. Directed TV Cultura Programming for 10 years. Beth directed channels from the Latin America Discovery Group and worked at Disney Channel. Former president of the Association Roquette Pinto, responsible for the Federal broadcasters TVE RJ and MEC Radios. Member of Prix Jeunesse Int. Board and of World Summit on Media for Children. Assoc. of Rain Barrel Communication. Takes part in international jury and contests, such as Japan Prize and Emmy. Evaluates children’s projects in ANCINE commissions and for other institutions. Founder of Midiativa NGO. Director of the comKids platform. Leads the Singular’s Creative area. Some of the series that were produced under her supervision / direction, production and consultancy are: “Mundo Ripilica”, ”O Diário de Pilar”, “Castelo Rá Tim Bum”, “Mundo da Lua”,” Um Menino Muito Maluquinho”, “Tonky” and “Contraseña Verde”

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